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G0704 Max Realistic Rapid Speed
G0704 Belt Drive DVD-ROM / G0704 DVD-ROM Combo
Read the G0704 DVD-ROM Introduction Here!
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G0704 belt drive dvdrom Combo phase 3

G0704 belt drive dvdrom Combo phase 3

Read the G0704 Belt Drive DVD-ROM Introduction Here!
Works with
and Linux too!
Now Includes plans for extending the
Y travel to 9.5 inches and the Z to 18 inches.
Watch the Video here! Also the option of mounting the Y stepper in
the rear!
Watch the Video here!
The plans now have prints
to allow using C7 ballscrews and nuts from Ebay. They can be ordered with the ends machined to fit the same Phase 2 CNC Conversion parts here for around $200.
Also mods to the X nut etc. needed to fit under the table.
All ordering info supplied.

You can purchase the machined C7 ballscrews and nuts for the basic ballscrew CNC conversion
with the front mounted Y axis from Automation Technology
Note: The Phase 3 update download info will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.
Hardcopies are no longer available
but you can get the full download version